At P5 Academy, we believe that everyone should understand, at the very least, the most basic tenets of self defense. More than just a means of fitness and protection, self defense classes provide a well rounded exercise regiment and can imbue your child with a strong sense of confidence and social awareness.

Childhood is of course the most instructive point in a person’s life, and skills obtained in childhood can remain ingrained forever. That is why P5 Academy has devoted its services to teaching kids self defense. We believe it is best to teach young people to protect themselves at an early age, so that the ability to defend one’s self remains permanently etched in their memories and becomes a part of their personalities.

We understand that material taught in self defense classes are often forceful and rough in nature. That is why at P5 Academy we take a more hands-on, nurturing approach to instruction. We emphasize defense as merely that: defense, to be used only for personal safety or during martial practice and competition.

P5 Academy’s well rounded program draws from both the methods and philosophies of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We want our students to understand that good self defense includes far more than physical skill or attributes. Our program also emphasizes discipline, restraint, tolerance and respect.

Suited for ages 4 – 12 (depending on size/maturation level), the P5 Academy self defense program is second to none in San Diego so that you can feel confident that your child is receiving the best instruction possible. To insure awareness and success in a world full of predators and opportunists, come speak with Sensei Palmejar about your kids safety today.

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