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Jeet Kune Do is one of the most effective martial art systems for self-defense ever created. Not to be confused with the modern sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), Jeet Kune Do is focused specifically on street proficiency and application. Therefore, our founder Bruce Lee imparted his knowledge to only a handful of practitioners who have nurtured and preserved his legacy. At P5 Academy, I offer instruction in Jeet Kune Do Concepts that is not only comprehensive and pragmatic but is also within the direct lineage of Sijo Bruce Lee.

A rare art to learn, I am one of the only certified Jeet Kune Do academies in the heart of San Diego. With a defined and progressive curriculum of learning, P5 Academy is your first source for Jeet Kune Do in San Diego.

With flexible scheduling and affordable rates, P5 Academy makes it easy to learn Jeet Kune Do in San Diego, CA. Call or visit me today to learn more about my classes.


Martial Arts practice is a journey, one that allows each student to find their own path as they evolve and grow. The philosophical and ideological pinnacle of the martial path is Jeet Kune Do: The Way of The Intercepting Fist. Jeet Kune Do has been described as the way without a way, fighting without fighting or as a method of physical freedom of expression. When the founder/originator, Sijo Bruce Lee, spoke of his method, he would often compare it to water, the formless form, being powerful and giving at the same time.

The current Grandmaster of Jeet Kune Do is Guro Dan Inosanto, he had this to say about Bruce’s methodology:
“Jeet Kune Do is not a style, it is not a product. It is a process in which we use different disciplines whether it comes from Muay Thai or whether it comes from Savat or Kali…. It’s a concept, and in the concept Bruce encouraged us to research many different arts irregardless of its countries origin whether it’s Japan or China or Okinawa or Korea or Thailand or various different parts of the Orient, even western arts. We were encouraged to look into and find something that worked for us. Jeet Kune Do again is not a style, it is a concept in which you are trying to utilize many different systems and styles and get the essence from it.”

At P5 Academy we focus on all of the major ranges of combat as defined by Bruce Lee as well as an expansion on certain aspects of fighting that have grown since the passing of our late Great Grandmaster. Each range is unique in its application and the techniques that are available and requires a detailed understanding of that interchange in real time under duress. Therefore, it is necessary to utilize arts that were historically and objectively successful at these ranges.

The 6 ranges of combat are:
1. Weapons
2. Kicking
3. Punching
4. Trapping
5. Clinch
6. Grappling

The arts focused on within the Jeet Kune Do Curriculum at P5 Academy begin the original foundations laid down by Bruce through his first instructor, Sifu Ip Man of Wing Chun. Although Wing Chun was Bruce Lee’s first and most proficient system, modern street combat is not what it was in the 50’s and 60’s in Hong Kong. Therefore, Wing Chun plays a smaller role at P5 Academy than at many Jeet Kune Do academies.

The main systems utilized within the structure of Jeet Kune Do Concepts at P5 Academy are the Filipino Martial Arts. With many years studying several different family and regional systems of Filipino combat, Sensei Palmejar seamlessly incorporates Kali, Eskrima and Arnis into the JKD method. This allows the practitioner skills with bladed weapons (Long sword, short sword, knife), trapping and boxing, kicking and clinch.

Many other methods are also present in the P5 Academy structure including those of Greek Pankration, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai and French Savate. In short, P5 Academy has one of the most complete self-defense programs in San Diego for practitioners of all ages.


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