Studying Jiu Jitsu offers many benefits for students of all ages. At P5 Academy in San Diego, CA, I offer traditional Jiu Jitsu classes in an open, enriching environment.


Jiu Jitsu is based on the concept that even a smaller person can overtake an attacker with the proper training and skills. At P5 Academy, my Jiu Jitsu classes are designed to help you learn the classic techniques that have come to classify this widely practiced form of martial arts. With me as your instructor, you’ll gain confidence and strength.

With flexible scheduling and affordable rates, P5 Academy makes it easy to learn Jiu Jitsu in San Diego, CA. Call or visit me today to learn more about my classes.


Traditionally, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a hybrid style of Kodakan Judo that was created in Brazil by a number of different martial arts specialists and innovators. The two most famous BJJ lineages are those of Carlos Gracie (Helio and the Gracie Family) and Luis Franca (Oswaldo Fadda). This new martial expression focused on techniques and leverage, specifically within the grappling range of combat, to a much greater degree than many of the worlds current martial arts systems. Less than a hundred years later that unique blend of positioning, grappling, pressure and submissions has created one of the most sought after black belts to achieve in the global martial arts community due to its difficulty to obtain and its undoubted and tested effectiveness in single person physical encounters.

At P5 Academy we stay true to the original lineages and focus of BJJ since its inception: self defense in real life scenarios. Our focus is to create martial artists who foster an atmosphere and attitude of humility and learning that are conducive to progress and maturity on and off the mats. This is in contrast to many of todays schools and dojos that spend the majority of their time creating athletes and competitors with no attention paid to the type of person that is growing alongside those skills and techniques.

P5 Academy is also a place of martial sports and international competition. Simply because we focus on street awareness and self defense does not mean that we do not host a stable of international competitors and world champions. If your desire is to become and champion competitor and martial artist, P5 Academy can help guide you along that path. With a complete belt curriculum, detailing from day one what is needed for each level of progression, you will not be left wondering when and if your next belt rank is coming. You will be in charge of your own progression based on your time, motivation and dedication, that will lead to the destination of which you seek. Very few BJJ schools have a complete curriculum in place allowing the student to know what is to be focused on. At many schools you will see practitioners of low rank practicing competition based techniques prior to having a solid foundation of fundamental movements. This is often the case at schools that focus on competition rather than a structured martial arts progression as we do at P5 Academy as a member of the Harris International lineage. Stop by P5 Academy for a free introductory class, meet Guro Phillip Palmejar and see what we are talking about.


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