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Registration Fees

The cost is $80 prepaid

Or $100 day of.

All divisions included.

Age groups
1. Youth
2. Adults
3. Masters (40+)
1. Padded Stick (Single)
2. Padded Stick (Double)
3. Padded Sword (Single)
4. Padded Knife (Single)
5. Mixed Weapons (short sword and shield, double short sword, long sword)

Square shaped ring between 18′-20′ across
2 x 20″ parallel lines positioned 4 feet from each other at ring center
1 score table with the capability of displaying score either electronically or physically
Referee stick at least 1″ thick and 34″ in length
6 scoring flags, 3 of each color… Red and Black

3 judges responsible for scoring.
Starts and stops match
Ensures a safe competition area for competitors, judges, and spectators
Makes sure that rules and regulations are followed
Determines proper engagement protocols
Starts and breaks engagement for the amount of time allowed

Score Keeper:
Ensures that the proper score is taken and displayed
Starts and stops the timer

Required Equipment

Competition Grade Sticks
Beginners: 2”+ width padded sticks
Intermediate/ Advanced: 1 1/2” – 2” width padded stick

Head protection
Clear protective face shield or fencing mask
Protected on the top of the head

Hand and Elbow Protection
Light-weight foam elbow pads that may not have any solid plastics on the outside of the pad. (elbows optional)
Light-weight roller hockey gloves w/o additional thumb protection

Additional Recommendations
Light-weight forearm pads (Beginners/ Teens/ Kids)
Light chest protection i.e. TKD chest protectors (Women/ Kids)
Groin protection (adult males)

Time Limitations:
Beginners/ teens/ kids:
2 minutes or 7 engagements, whichever comes first
Intermediate/ advanced:
1 minute 30secs or 5 engagements, whichever comes first
Time adjustments
Will not be stopped during scoring
Will only be stopped for injury, equipment malfunction, or safety issues

Basic Rules

Target Areas
Head, body, legs, feet, hands, arms
Front side
Back side

A strike to the hand or arm causing them to lose their grip and drop the weapon
Dropping of the stick intentionally or unintentionally
Note: Disarms are awarded only if the opponent is struck within 2-3 seconds after being disarmed
NO disarms will be scored for yanking of the weapon

No thrusts or strikes will be allowed with the butt or handle of the weapon
No two handed striking or thrusts
No thrusting above the chest
Beginners may ONLY thrust after a strike
No consecutive thrusting, even after a failed thrust attempt
No kicking, punching, or elbowing is allowed (punch like attacks with the weapon hand are not allowed.
No Punching with either hand
Checking and control is allowed but holding of the opponents weapon is not permitted
Competitor may strike an opponent who falls or slips on the ground within the 3-5 second engagement period

Starts when “definitive” strike has been made
Ends 3-5 seconds after “Definitive” strike depending on if opponent is able to counterstrike effectively

Judges will score each engagement by raising the flag of the competitor they felt won that engagement
If a Judge feels that both competitors engaged equally, they will cross both flags to signal a draw
Judge may call a KO Blow = 1 point for any clear shots to the head that may immobilize a person in real life
Majority win = all three judges vote same color = 1 point for winning color
Split Decision = 2 out of three judges vote same color = 1 point for winning color
Draw = 2 judges vote opposing colors and 1 judge votes draw = 0 points given
Majority Draw = 2 or more judges call for a draw = 0 points given
Disarm = 1 points given for first disarm, 2 points for every disarm after that
3 Warnings = 1 point taken away
In the event of a tie, the next competitor who scores a point will win the match

This event uses padded weapons to simulate sparring with bladed weapons. It is point sparring & the main goal is to “hit & not get hit”.

Simultaneous hits, double kills, clashes are penalized because taking a hit in order to give your own hit is not the skill level we are aiming for. If 3 double kills happen in the same round, the round ends as a draw since both people have killed each other.

Required equipment is headgear & full fingered gloves.

The whole body is a legal target except for thrusts to the throat & groin. Only the edge or tip of the sword can score. All hits are scored as 1 point. A referee along with 3 judges will determine when points are scored. A point is given when 2 judges agree that a hit was made.
There will be 3 rounds at 1.5 minutes each. Who ever gets 5 points first or has the higher score when the round ends, wins the round. The person who wins the most rounds win the match. There are no breaks between rounds.

After the end of the 3rd round & the score is tied (draw), there will be a 4th round. First person to get 3 points will win. If a 5th round is needed, first person to score a clean strike wins.

Losing your weapon for any reason stops the action & gives one point to the other person.

“Suicide attacks” that are made to create double kills will result in a point for the defender.

This tournament format is geared more for long range striking. Getting too close can easily result in “double kills”. The challenge is to be able to score while avoiding your opponents strike/counter strike.

This is a “simulated blade” contest. It is not an impact weapon contest. Using the sword as a club with full power strikes will result in a warning. Breaking your weapon will result in points given to your opponent.

Same as above but weapons are set per round.

Round 1 – single sword

Round 2 – sword & shield

Round 3 – choice of single sword, sword/shield, or double sword

The shield is for defense only. Striking with the shield is not allowed.

Utilizes same logistics as padded stick event.

Can score with any portion of the blade

Slashes and thrusts allowed

Free hand can be used to block and parry

No attacks with the free hand

No punching with knife

No throwing the knife

Single uncontested cuts to the body = 1 point

Multiple uncontested cuts to the body = 2 points

Cut to the face = 2 points

Double Kills (both opponents score cuts on each other ) = 0 points

3 Double Kills = 0 person advances


Beginner 2 mins or first person to 10 points

Advance 1.5 mins or first person to 7 points

Competitor with the most points wins