Filipino Martial Arts


The Philippines are a culture of fighters and warriors with hundreds of tribal and family lineages of combat that literally define the Filipino people. The Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) are a dynamic and complete body of physical combative expression allowing practitioners to be prepared for the potentialities of a violent encounter. At P5 Academy, I offer a full curriculum of FMA direct from the lineages of Kalis-Ilustrisimo and Jendo-Arnis.

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Jendo-Arnis is a system of Filipino Martial Arts that was formed on the tough streets of Tiger City (Mandaluyong district of Metro-Manilla) by Grandmaster Jonathan Makiling-Abaya and is known as “The Economical New Fist Way.” GM Abaya is a world famous martial artist with associations in many countries worldwide. Jendo-Arnis is a beautiful interpretation of Arnis that was created for street effectiveness and is currently taught to many of the law enforcement and security agencies in the Philippines. Consisting of stick, knife, kickboxing, trapping and clinch work, this manifestation of FMA is unique and street tested. Sensei Palmejar is a direct student of GM Abaya and the Head International Coach for USA Jendo.


Kalis-Ilustrisimo is a lineage of FMA from Cebu in the central Philippines created by the late great Grandmaster Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo. He was a poor Filipino street fighter known for taking challenge matches that often ended in death. The Ilustrisimo legacy was left to Tony Diego and Romeo Macapagal and from there was handed down to two of the world’s leading eskrimadors, Sifu/Guro Roy Harris and Guro Peachie Baron Saguin. Guro Palmejar is a direct student of both Roy Harris and Peachie Baron Saguin and continues to propagate the teachings of Kalis Ilustrisimo in the Southern California area.

By utilizing the effectiveness of Jendo-Arnis and Kalis-Ilustrisimo, P5 Academy has created a training method that will allow each practitioner complete control over their martial arts progression. With emphasis on economy of motion, angulation, fluidity and control, we have one of the most comprehensive Filipino Martial Arts programs available.


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